Monday, 1 October 2012

Granby to Truckee

Twenty four hours on the Zephyr felt a little like a cruise. The staff were charming and helpful, food was plentiful and good. There was good coffee on tap and a caffeinated Julian makes me happy too. We sat with a different couple for each meal, including the chief of police for Salt Lake City Airport! Several people off to Reno for short breaks. Lots of friendly and interesting conversation. The time flew past. The best thing about it was the views. Hour after hour of stunning, beautiful and majestic views. We trailed the Colorado river for a while through the Rockies. Apparently it's traditional for rafters to moon at the train and we weren't disappointed there! We thought the Utah desert might be a bit of a come down after the mountains, no pun intended, but it was equally impressive. Miles of scrub, huge mud mounds which were actually hill sized and the Bookcliffs. This morning we had to laugh over signalling problems on a Monday morning but we were only a little late into Truckee. The hotel looks a little wild west from the outside but has apparently changed hands since we booked. Our room is rather nicer than expected with some olde world charm. Oh, and it's warm and sunny, again. We're having an amazing time.

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