Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Coffee and Space Weather

Having slept surprisingly well, we were up early to find some decent coffee. Little things keep reminding us we're really in the US. Yellow school busses and mountain views around every corner. Our passes at NOAA with foreign visitor in large letters too. The tour was fascinating, we got to see the space weather control room, explained by their chief scientist. We also had a demo of science on a sphere with projections of everything from weather to earthquakes from our tsunami specialist tour guide. Boulder seems a very laid back place with a book of Buddhist teachings along side the obligatory bible in our room but there are a lot more homeless people than in London. We've done lots of walking today but still feel a bit hung over. Off to Estes Park tomorrow. There'll be tears before bed time if the elk which normally come into town during the fall don't show.

The view above was taken from a cafe on Pearl St in Boulder. In the background are the Flatirons. 

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