Friday, 28 September 2012

Yesterday was an amazing day. We saw glaciers and snow covered mountains, all sorts of animals and scenery that left us speechless. Our guide was knowledgeable, informative and made us feel like a friend was showing us round. I have to list all the animals we saw, even if that is ott: Loads of elk Mule deer A red tailed hawk A nut cracker which belongs to the jay family A pine squirrel Chipmunks And a family of busy beavers. It was a truly wonderful day. This morning we finally feel the jet lag has gone and while we were sad te leave the beauty of Estes Park behind, more adventures await. We're in Denver now at the Magnolia Hotel right in down town. It's a smart hotel. I know Julian had got a good deal but as we walked up to the room, I commented that it would be either a broom cupboard or a palace. Definitely option B. I hadn't realised it was a suite. I feel like I'm in the lap of luxury.

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