Wednesday, 26 September 2012

We Love America

Where else could you have French toast stuffed with nutella and bananas for breakfast? Julian has just had a free refill of his coffee so he's also in seventh heaven.

From Boulder, we caught the "Estes Park Shuttle" to, er, Estes Park. It was a journey of about 35 miles, the last 20 of which was up 2,500 feet- it was really spectacular stuff. The pics don't quite do justice to the beauty of the place.

The Haber Motel is absolutely fantastic. It's really new and high-spec. The owners very kindly let us check in early.

To give you a flavour of Estes Park, this is a view from the Safeway car park, somewhat more spectacular than we're used to seeing at home:

The best pictures are on Jo's camera. We'll add these when we find a PC with an SD slot.

Estes Park is 7,600 feet up and I actually felt my ears pop on the drive up here. It's a nice small town, although something of a tourist trap. We had lunch in a local diner- nowt posh. I had a chipotle burger and fries and Jo had a very decent Reuben (pastrami and some oother stuff). We spent the afternoon wandering around, going "wow" a lot and wondering if the skittish critters that look a bit like squirrels are chipmunks.

My (Julian's) observations so far about the US are: a) it's crazy to have to wait for the lights to change before crossing. b) people have been *really* friendly and more genuine than we're used to c) the quality of coffee on offer varies quite remarkably d) the NFL replacement refs need to be replaced themselves and pronto e) spell-checkers on cafe computers should *not* underline flavour when it's spelled correctly, thank you!

Oh, and in case you were wondering, we saw four Elk (all female) today, merrily making their way to wherever it is they go to. So, to the person who said I'd get a pint for every 20 Elk, be afraid.

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